How Much Does It Cost?

We are upfront about our payroll processing costs. Not all other payroll providers publish their charges!

Payroll processing with Omega Payroll Services costs from only £18.95 per month (or £13.50 per week for weekly payroll processing).

This includes processing the payroll of up to 5 employees per payroll run - not per employee.

The following table gives examples of the cost of operating a payroll with Omega Payroll Services

Cost per payroll run
Number of employees
Paid Monthly or 4-weekly Paid 2-weekly
Paid Weekly
1-5 £18.95 £16.50
6-10 £31.50 £26.75
11-15 £42.95 £37.95
16-25 £62.95 £52.50
26-35 £73.50 £62.95
36-50 £94.95 £82.50
51-75 £154.95 £117.95
76-100 £189.95 £149.95
£1.90 Per E'ee
£1.50 Per E'ee
£1.25 Per E'ee

 The charges shown are for a complete payroll service. Apart from any optional services which you may ask for, there are no other charges at all.

Please click on the link below to calculate your staff profile payroll processing cost.


Unlike many other accountants or payroll agencies...

  • we do not charge any setting up fee;

  •   we do not charge an annual fee; 

  •   we do not charge for preparing and issuing forms P45;

  •   we do not charge for processing and issuing your End of Year forms P60.

we DO publish our charges.