Workplace Pensions


Auto-enrolment was introduced by the Department for Work and Pensions to help more people save for their retirement by having a workplace pension scheme.

The rules mean that employers have to automatically enrol eligible workers into a company pension scheme which meets certain criteria. Even if you already have a pension scheme, it might not meet the standards required by the regulator.

We are able to deal with registration and administration for you as part of your payroll operation if you wish.

As we are able to incorporate your workplace pension processing as an integral part of your payroll processing. we do not need to charge the very high fees which some other organisations are demanding.

Quite simply, our charges are as shown alongside. Compare these with other pensions service providers - but be prepared to be surprised; some of their charges will make your eyes water!


Workplace Pensions Charges

Registering Employer with Regulator (one-off payment) £7.50

Registering employees with Pension Provider (on initial set-up. One-off payment)


Registering employees with Pension Provider (after Initial set-up - per employee)


Issuing employee notification letter (per employee)


Submitting pensions data to Pension Provider (per payroll run)